Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What I Read in 2014 (offered with little comment)

In 2014, I read a total of 28 books (11 print books, 39%; 17 eBooks, 61%). I don't know what it says about me, if anything at all, that I read more books on my Kindle than those in a dead tree format.

Title Author
Texas Hold 'Em (Chance Lee, Book Two) Patrick Kampman
Lucha Gore: Scares from the Squared Circle Kevin G. Bufton (Editor)
"So Far The Poet..." and Other Writings Tevis Clyde Smith with Robert E. Howard
Atomic Drive-In Mike Bogue
ATTACK! of the B-Movie Monsters: Night of the Gigantis Harrison Graves (Editor)
Conan Grimoire, The L. Sprague de Camp and George H. Scithers (Editors)
Challenge From Beyond 2014, The Cody Goodfellow, Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Molly Tanzer, Nick Mamatas, Peter Rawlick, Ross E. Lockhart, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Wilum H. Pugmire
Big Rock Beat: A Wacky Zany Romp Greg Kihn
Dark Rites of Cthulhu, The Brian M. Sammons (Editor)
Strange Eons Robert Bloch
Full Moon Curse G. M. Goodwin
Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration Gregory William Mank
Good Fight, The Scott Bachmann, Frank Byrns, Marion G. Harmon, Warren Hately, Drew Hayes, Ian Thomas Healy, Hydrargentium, Michael Ivan Lowell, T. Mike McCurley, Landon Porter, R. J. Ross, Cheyanne Young, Jim Zoetewey
Sentinels: Worldmind Van Allen Plexico
Sentinels: Stellarax Van Allen Plexico
Grappler: Memoirs of a Masked Madman Lynn Denton, Joe Vithayathil
Great Mischief Josephine Pinckney
Big Ol' Scorpion Frank Schildiner
This Mutant Life Ben Langdon, Rob Rogers, William Akin, Hayley Barry-Smith, Christopher Lockheardt, Adam Ford, Aaron French, Alexis Hunter
Mammoth Monster Mayhem Edward Russell, Robert Freese, Nathan Marchand, Robert Cobbs, Bryan wolford, Louis Hoefer
Don't Be a Hero: A Superhero Novel Chris Strange
It Came From the Black Justin R. Macumber
First Seas and Other Tales Frank Schildiner
Creature Chronicles, The: Exploring the Black Lagoon Trilogy Tom Weaver, David Schecter, Steve Kronenberg
Brutal Illusion, The Stephen Jared
Arena of Souls: A Brock Stone Adventure David Wood
Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters: Defending the Earth with Ultraman, Godzilla, and Friends in the Golden Age of Japanese Science Fiction Film* August Ragone
"Manos" The Locations of Fate Tony Trombo

* I'm still making my way through this Eiji Tsuburaya book. It was given to me as a Christmas gift, and it's AMAZING.

Monday, January 5, 2015

What I Watched in 2014 (offered with little comment)

In 2014, I watched a total of 242 movies. Instead of simply keeping tabs on my movie consumption last year, I also tracked how I saw the film and whether or not I'd seen the movie before. As before, I also included short films/relevant special features in my tally. In some cases, the numbers and percentages surprised me while in other cases, they did not.

Seen in a theater: 76 (31%)
Seen on video: 82 (34%)
Seen on video (projected outside): 0 (0%)
Seen on blu-ray: 33 (14%)
Seen streaming: 28 (12%)
Seen at a drive-in: 0 (0%)
Seen on TCM: 18 (7%)
Seen on  MeTV: 4 (2%)
Feature length: 153 (63%)
Short: 89 (37%)
First time? 199 (83%)
Repeat viewing? 43 (17%)

I was surprised that I'd only watched 4 movies on MeTV. All of those movies would have been hosted by Svengoolie, and I could have sworn I watched more Svengoolie in 2014. In fact, I thought I'd watched more horror hosted programming period, but I either failed to note the movie in my Google doc or I just watched the horror host segments without watching the movie itself. Either scenario is likely as I've been known to do both. (In fact, I just realized I didn't add the screening of the original Godzilla that Monster Kid Radio crashed at the Hollywood Theatre in May, so I'll make that correction. I also didn't record the hours of having the Kreepy Kastle up and running on my computer.)

I know I didn't go to the drive-in at all in 2014, and I'm a little disappointed in that. Some times, it was due to a scheduling conflict (the local drive-in showed the original Godzilla during the same weekend as the World Horror Convention, for example).

TitleYearFormatFeature/ShortDateFirst Time?
Skull, The 1965 Blu-ray Feature 1/2/2014 Y
Big Gundown, The 1966 Blu-ray Feature 1/3/2014 Y
La resa dei conti 1966 Blu-ray Feature 1/4/2014 Y
Sergio Sollima Remembers The Big Gundown 2005 Blu-ray Short 1/4/2014 Y
Sergio Donati Bonus Interview (The Big Gundown) 2005 Blu-ray Short 1/4/2014 Y
Fire Maidens of Outer Space 1956 Video Feature 1/7/2014 Y
Elysium 2013 Streaming Feature 1/8/2014 Y
Santo vs. la hija de Frankestein 1972 Video Feature 1/9/2014 Y
Estigma 1980 Video Feature 1/9/2014 Y
Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff 1949 Video Feature 1/10/2014 Y
Gorgon, The 1964 Video Feature 1/11/2014 N
Santo vs. las lobas 1976 Video Feature 1/13/2014 Y
Turistas y bribones 1969 Video Feature 1/14/2014 Y
Sex Kittens Go to College 1960 Video Feature 1/15/2014 Y
Las momias de Guanajuato 1972 Theater Feature 1/16/2014 N
Los campeones justicieros 1971 Video Feature 1/21/2014 Y
Carrie 2013 Streaming Feature 1/24/2014 Y
Insidious 2010 Streaming Feature 1/25/2014 Y
Insidious: Chapter 2 2013 Streaming Feature 1/25/2014 Y
Tales of the Rat Fink 2006 Streaming Feature 1/27/2014 Y
La venganza de la momia 1973 Video Feature 1/30/2014 Y
Banshee Chapter, The 2013 Streaming Feature 2/1/2014 Y
Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story 2010 Streaming Feature 2/9/2014 Y
Emma, puertas oscuras 1974 Video Feature 2/13/2014 Y
Ghost of Frankenstein, The 1942 Video Feature 2/15/2014 N
Santo el Enmascarado de Plata vs 'La invasión de los marcianos' 1967 Theater Feature 2/21/2014 Y
Viva Lucha Libre 2012 Theater Short 2/21/2014 Y
And the Oscar Goes To . . . 2014 TCM Feature 2/22/2014 Y
Argoman, The Fantastic Superman 1967 Video Feature 2/22/2014 N
Lego Movie, The 2014 Theater Feature 2/22/2014 Y
Viaje al más allá 1980 Video Feature 2/27/2014 Y
La redada (Razzia) 1974 Video Feature 2/27/2014 Y
Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys 2014 Video Feature 3/1/2014 Y
Atom Age Spider 2004 Video Short 3/4/2014 Y
Just Suppose 1948 TCM Short 3/11/2014 Y
Viva Knievel! 1977 Video Feature 3/13/2014 Y
Man from Planet X, The 1951 Video Feature 3/19/2014 Y
Santo el enmascarado de plata y Blue Demon contra los monstruos 1970 Theater Feature 3/20/2014 Y
Day of the Panther 1988 Video Feature 3/25/2014 Y
Gymkata 1985 Video Feature 3/27/2014 Y
Strike of the Panther 1988 Video Feature 3/30/2014 Y
Cosmic Man, The 1959 Video Feature 3/31/2014 Y
Curse of the Crimson Altar 1968 Video Feature 4/3/2014 N
Deadly Mantis, The 1957 Video Feature 4/4/2014 N
Infra-Man 1975 Video Feature 4/5/2014 Y
El asesino no está solo 1975 Video Feature 4/10/2014 Y
I Am Not Samuel Krohm 2013 Theater Short 4/11/2014 Y
Leviathan 2013 Theater Short 4/11/2014 Y
Phil Tippett's MADGOD: Part 1 2013 Theater Short 4/11/2014 Y
Void, The 2013 Theater Short 4/11/2014 Y
Unusual Case of Henry David Pierce, The 2012 Theater Short 4/12/2014 Y
Moonsong 2014 Theater Short 4/13/2014 Y
Miskatonic University 2013 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Arbor Day 2013 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Clay 2012 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Out There 2012 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Strega Unbound 2013 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Heebie-Jeebies, The 2013 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Invectum 2013 Theater Short 4/14/2014 Y
Evil of Frankenstein, The 1964 Blu-ray Feature 4/16/2014 N
Nido de viudas (Widows' Nest) 1977 Video Feature 4/17/2014 Y
Making of 'The Evil of Frankenstein', The 2013 Blu-ray Short 4/19/2014 Y
Man Who Drew Bug-Eyed Monsters, The 1994 Streaming Short 4/22/2014 Y
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah 1991 Blu-ray Feature 4/23/2014 Y
División Azul 2012 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Who's Hungry? 2009 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Entre Ange et Démon 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Gost 2012 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Hovedløst begær 2011 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Dead Dating 2012 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Hourglass Figure, The 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Serial Taxi 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Metal Creepers 2011 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
M is for Mocking Death - The Tutorial 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Zombiewood 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Dirdy Birdy, The 1994 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Air Conditions 2012 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Hell, NO! 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
How Olin Lost his Eye 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Little Quentin 2010 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Best Man 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Reaping for Dummies 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Jack Attack 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
4th Rule of Gremlins 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Don't Move 2013 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
All You Need 2009 Theater Short 4/26/2014 Y
Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth 1992 Blu-ray Feature 4/28/2014 Y
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II 1993 Blu-ray Feature 4/30/2014 Y
Nazi Love Camp 27 1977 Video Feature 5/1/2014 Y
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla 1994 Blu-ray Feature 5/2/2014 Y
Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow 1963 Video Feature 5/3/2014 Y
Godzilla (Hosted by Kyle Yount and August Ragone)1956 Theater Feature 5/3/2014 N
GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling 2012 Streaming Feature 5/4/2014 Y
Fat Man, The (Hosted by The Weirdness Really Bad Movie) 1951 Streaming Feature 5/5/2014 Y
Godzilla vs. Destroyah 1995 Blu-ray Feature 5/6/2014 Y
Godzilla vs. Megaguirus 2000 Blu-ray Feature 5/7/2014 Y
Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S 2003 Blu-ray Feature 5/7/2014 Y
Godzilla: Final Wars 2004 Blu-ray Feature 5/7/2014 Y
El Matador 2013 Video Short 5/10/2014 Y
I Am Monster 2013 Video Short 5/10/2014 Y
Survivor Type 2012 Video Short 5/10/2014 Y
Don't Get Angry 1953 TCM Short 5/11/2014 Y
Delicious Dishes 1950 TCM Short 5/11/2014 N
Late Night Double Feature, The 2014 Video Feature 5/15/2014 Y
Horror of Party Beach, The 1964 Video Feature 5/16/2014 Y
Godzilla 2014 Theater Feature 5/17/2014 Y
Burlesque Assassins 2012 Video Feature 5/20/2014 Y
Iron Man 2008 Blu-ray Feature 5/20/2014 Y
Giant Gila Monster, The 1959 Video Feature 5/20/2014 Y
Gila! 2012 Streaming Feature 5/22/2014 Y
A Gun for a Cop 1981 Video Feature 5/22/2014 Y
You'll Find Out 1970 Video Feature 5/23/2014 Y
Sinister 2012 Streaming Feature 5/24/2014 Y
Rock-afire Explosion, The 2008 Streaming Feature 5/25/2014 Y
Octaman 1971 Video Feature 5/29/2014 Y
Valley of Mystery 1967 Video Feature 5/30/2014 Y
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man 1951 Video Feature 5/30/2014 Y
Raymie 1960 Video Feature 6/3/2014 Y
Sword of Sherwood Forest 1960 Video Feature 6/7/2014 Y
Psychic Killer 1975 Video Feature 6/16/2014 Y
Horizons West 1952 Video Feature 6/16/2014 Y
Invisible Woman, The 1940 Video Feature 6/18/2014 Y
Return of the Creature, The 1955 Video Short 6/21/2014 Y
Son of Ghostman 2013 Video Feature 6/21/2014 Y
Space Master X-7 1958 Video Feature 6/27/2014 Y
Creature from the Black Lagoon (3D) 1954 Theater Feature 6/28/2014 N
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1953 Video Feature 7/3/2014 Y
Her 2013 Blu-ray Feature 7/4/2014 Y
Battered Bastards of Baseball, The 2014 Streaming Feature 7/11/2014 Y
I'll Follow You Down 2013 Streaming Feature 7/12/2014 Y
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe 1995 Blu-ray Feature 7/16/2014 Y
Gamera 2: Attack of Legion 1996 Blu-ray Feature 7/18/2014 Y
Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris 1999 Blu-ray Feature 7/19/2014 Y
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Hosted by Svengoolie) 1954 MeTV Feature 7/20/2014 N
House of Wax 1953 Video Feature 7/24/2014 N
Four Sided Triangle 1953 Blu-ray Feature 7/25/2014 Y
Forbidden Planet 1953 Blu-ray Feature 7/31/2014 Y
Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde 1976 Video Feature 8/1/2014 Y
Sacrament, The 2013 Streaming Feature 8/2/2014 Y
Philomena 2013 Streaming Feature 8/11/2014 Y
Nightmare 1964 Video Feature 8/16/2014 Y
Destination Inner Space 1966 Streaming Feature 8/23/2014 Y
Sweet, Sweet Rachel 1971 Streaming Feature 8/28/2014 Y
Goonies, The 1985 Video Feature 8/30/2014 N
Rebirth of Mothra 1996 Blu-ray Feature 9/2/2014 Y
About Time 2013 Blu-ray Feature 9/4/2014 Y
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The 1920 Streaming Feature 9/5/2014 Y
Hundred-Foot Journey, The 2014 Theater Feature 9/6/2014 Y
Leave It to Roll-Oh 1940 Streaming Short 9/9/2014 Y
Bowery at Midnight 1942 Video Feature 9/17/2014 Y
Language of Shadows, The 2007 Blu-ray Short 9/19/2014 Y
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954 Streaming Feature 9/20/2014 N
Cinema Purgatoria 2014 Theater Feature 9/26/2014 Y
Monster Gorilla 2014 Video Short 9/29/2014 Y
Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982 Theater Feature 10/1/2014 N
Ghosts on the Loose 1943 Video Feature 10/2/2014 Y
Wolf Man, The 1941 Theater Feature 10/3/2014 N
Dracula's Daughter 1936 Theater Feature 10/4/2014 N
To Oblivion 1991 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
From Beyond 1997 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Old Man and the Goblin, The 1998 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Shadowdog 2004 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Love Craft, The 2004 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
From Beyond 2006 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Eel Girl 2007 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Crimson Robe, The 2007 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Festival, The 2008 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Dirt Dauber 2009 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Elder Sign 2009 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Necronomicon, The 2009 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Black Goat 2011 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Doctor Glamour 2011 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Static Aeons 2011 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Raven, The 2011 Theater Short 10/4/2014 N
Celebrant, The 2012 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Narrative of Victor Karloch, The 2012 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
August Heat 2014 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Fat Rabbit 2014 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Copy-Writer, The 2014 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Vomica 2014 Theater Short 10/4/2014 Y
Wonderful World of Tupperware, The 1959 TCM Short 10/5/2014 Y
Frankenstein's Daughter 1958 Theater Feature 10/8/2014 Y
Revenge of the Creature (Hosted by Svengoolie) 1955 MeTV Feature 10/11/2014 N
Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics 1911 TCM Short 10/11/2014 Y
How a Mosquito Operates 1912 TCM Short 10/11/2014 Y
Gertie the Dinosaur 1914 TCM Short 10/11/2014 N
The Sinking of the Lusitania 1918 TCM Short 10/12/2014 Y
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: Bug Vaudeville 1921 TCM Short 10/12/2014 Y
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet 1921 TCM Short 10/12/2014 Y
Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Flying House 1921 TCM Short 10/12/2014 Y
Centaurs, The 1921 TCM Short 10/12/2014 Y
Gertie on Tour 1921 TCM Short 10/12/2014 Y
Murders in the Rue Morgue 1932 Video Feature 10/12/2014 N
Zombies on Broadway 1945 Video Feature 10/15/2014 Y
Curse of the Werewolf, The 1961 Video Feature 10/18/2014 N
Making of The Curse of the Werewolf, The 2012 Video Short 10/18/2014 Y
Genius at Work 1946 Video Feature 10/20/2014 Y
One Body Too Many 1944 Video Feature 10/21/2014 Y
Brain That Wouldn't Die, The 1962 Video Feature 10/22/2014 Y
Mark of the Vampire 1935 Video Feature 10/24/2014 N
Neon Maniacs 1986 Blu-ray Feature 10/26/2014 N
Return of the Vampire, The 1944 Video Feature 10/27/2014 N
Twins of Evil 1974 Theater Feature 10/28/2014 N
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed 1969 Theater Feature 10/28/2014 N
Brain Eaters, The 1958 Streaming Feature 10/30/2014 Y
Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell 1968 Video Feature 10/31/2014 Y
Blood of the Vampire 1958 Video Feature 10/31/2014 Y
Carnival of Souls 1962 TCM Feature 10/31/2014 Y
House of Wax 1953 Theater Feature 10/31/2014 N
Stonehearst Asylum 2014 Streaming Feature 10/31/2014 Y
Rattlers (Hosted by Midnite Mausoleum) 1976 Video Feature 11/1/2014 Y
Audioscopiks 1935 TCM Short 11/1/2014 Y
Night of the Lepus 1972 TCM Feature 11/2/2014 Y
Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks 1974 Theater Feature 11/5/2014 Y
House of Frankenstein 1944 Video Feature 11/6/2014 N
House of Dracula 1945 Video Feature 11/7/2014 N
Nightbreed (Director's Cut) 1990 Blu-ray Feature 11/8/2014 Y
Oculus 2013 Streaming Feature 11/8/2014 Y
Curse of the Undead (Hosted by Svengoolie) 1959 MeTV Feature 11/12/2014 Y
Brain of Blood 1971 Video Feature 11/13/2014 Y
Targets 1968 Video Feature 11/18/2014 Y
Green Girl, The 2014 Video Feature 11/19/2014 Y
House on Haunted Hill 1959 Theater Feature 11/19/2014 Y
Hope Diamond Mystery, The (Serial) 1921 Video Feature 11/20/2014 Y
Killer Shrews, The 1959 Video Feature 11/21/2014 Y
Creating Curse of the Crimson Altar 2014 Blu-ray Short 11/23/2014 Y
Tammy 2014 Streaming Feature 11/27/2014 Y
Sins of Dracula 2014 Video Feature 11/27/2014 Y
Uncle Forry's AckerMansions 2014 Video Feature 12/1/2014 Y
Sette monache a Kansas City 1973 Video Feature 12/2/2014 Y
Monolith Monsters, The 1957 Video Feature 12/5/2014 Y
Doc, manos de plata 1965 Video Feature 12/9/2014 Y
Santa Claus 1959 Blu-ray Feature 12/12/2014 Y
Phantom of the Opera, The 1962 Blu-ray Feature 12/13/2014 N
Making of The Phantom of the Opera, The 2014 Blu-ray Short 12/13/2014 Y
In the Good Old Summertime 1949 TCM Feature 12/14/2014 Y
Making of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie, The 1996 Blu-ray Short 12/17/2014 Y
Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie: The Motion Picture Odyssey 2013 Blu-ray Short 12/17/2014 Y
Screaming Skull, The 1958 DVD Feature 12/20/2014 Y
Thing That Couldn't Die, The (Hosted by Svengoolie) 1958 MeTV Feature 12/24/2014 Y
Babbadook, The 2014 Streaming Feature 12/27/2014 Y
Assignment Terror 1970 Streaming Feature 12/29/2014 Y

(I think for 2015, I'll add a horror host field to my final count.)