Friday, July 24, 2015

Looking back on podcasting hopes and dreams

I've been thinking about podcasting a lot lately - not just producing Monster Kid Radio specifically, but my podcasting journey. I'm very, VERY happy with where I'm at now with my own podcast and the show I produce with Scott Morris and Casey Criswell.

In 2012 - before launching Monster Kid Radio - I listed what I called my "Podcast Fantasies," and I thought it would be interesting to look back at how some of these "podcast fantasies" turned out. Obviously, as with everyone else, my tastes change over the years, and some of my priorities and even interests have evolved.

- A Spaghetti Western podcast. For the past few years, I've been working with Dorado Films. I've learned a lot about parts of the film industry I would have never considered. It's inspiring and fascinating to me. And I'm not even talking about the kinds of movies in the Dorado Films catalog. As you're about to start hearing, Dorado Films is your home for European gold from the silver screen. Eurospy. Eurocrime. Thrillers. Giallo. Eurohorror. And Spaghetti Westerns. These genres are more than well represented in our catalog, and I'll be producing a monthly podcast covering our films. It's expected to launch later this summer.

- A Robert E. Howard podcast. A horror film music podcast. A post-apocalyptic movie podcast. An H. P. Lovecraft podcast. Some of these are topics I still care about, and one of them not so much. That said, even though I might care deeply about at least two of these topics, I don't have the time and energy I feel would be necessary to do the topics justice podcast-wise.

- A Universal Monsters podcast. A Creature from the Black Lagoon podcast. A podcast devoted to B-movies. This is definitely from where Monster Kid Radio was born. I was recently asked for an upcoming magazine interview why I decided to pour my podcasting energy into Monster Kid Radio, and I'm still working out all the details in my mind as to why. There were a few non-podcasting events in my life that I believe caused my film and entertainment interests to shift away toward my first film loves - the classics. And I know I'm the better for it. (And I miss producing The Creature Casts Among Us!)

- A writing podcast of some sort. I think I need to focus on my WRITING first before launching a writing PODCAST(!).

- An odd film history podcast.  I'm fascinated by the history of Hollywood. I think it's sprung out of my love of classic genre cinema, and I enjoy learning more about it . . . at my own pace and not meeting the deadlines of a podcast production schedule.

- A Peter Cushing podcast. I get quite a bit of this through 1951 Down Place and Monster Kid Radio.

- A John Agar podcast. Some of this gets rolled into Monster Kid Radio (and I really need to get with a particular filmmaker friend of mine to finally get around to scheduling our John Agar throwdown episode!). That said, I MIGHT have an Agar-specific project coming up in the next couple years.

- An audiodrama of some sort. See that over there on the right-hand side of the Monster Kid Radio Patreon page? One of the milestones is producing a monthly audiodrama. I've got two potential stories in pre-production right now, so once MKR hits that milestone, it's ON.

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