Monday, June 17, 2013

10,000 in the hole

Well, I blew that. Instead of fixating on the failure, though, I'm going to do two things.

1) I'm going to borrow a phrase from my friend Tracey who said in passing that I should just reset and try again. That's what I'm going to do. Reset. Try again.

2) I'm looking at why I didn't pull this off. I've narrowed it down to a couple of different reasons, but the biggest one is that I let myself get intimidated . . . not by the word count, but by the story itself. It's of a genre that I've never written before. I read in this genre, but I've never tried to actually create anything in it. I'm excited, but I let myself get a little freaked out. What if the names aren't right? Is it historically accurate? Is it geographically correct?

I'm going to attribute a lof of this to my brain finding new and exciting ways to procrastinate and pepper me with self doubt. I refuse to let myself get too down about it. This is a learning opportunity.

In recognizing what my subconscious is doing, in identifying the issues here, I feel I'm bettering myself as a creator. I'm using the down time from the actual "writing" to plot and outline, which is something I've had mixed results with in the past. Because I am writing in a genre I've never written in before, I'm excited that my outlining will help and I still feel productive even though the wordcount isn't there.

Yet. I still feel 5,000 words/week is an accomplishable goal. And I'm starting to get a little antsy - I've got my main character names selected, I've got the setting built, and I may have even stumbled across a working title for this story.

And I've got my film-score-to-write-to playlist picked out. I think I can hear music composed by Gianni Ferrio playing somewhere in the background. Or maybe that's Vasco Vassill Kojucharov . . .


blueninja said...
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blueninja said...

What genre are you wanting to write in?