Saturday, February 2, 2013

1/12th of 2013 behind me - how am I doing so far?

I thought I'd look back at the resolutions I set for myself last month, and see how I'm doing so far.

- More time and experiences with Brenda. We're doing better at coordinating our weekends and free time, but I always want more! (Unexpected side effect - after having a great weekend with Brenda, Mondays are REALLY tough!) We haven't had any new "experiences," though . . .

- Write, write, write. I finished a short story last month that's cooling a bit before I take another pass at it. After that, I'll hand it off to some beta readers and I'll go from there. I'm currently working on another short story now, plotting/outlining a novel, and trying to make sense of all the other seeds and threads in my brain. (I've been struggling with all the different stories and types of stories I want to write; everything's getting jumbled up in my brain and I can't seem to get them all out. Someone in my writing support group called it "logodiarhhea.")

- Publish. Nothing yet. Plans are afoot . . .

- Stop doing things that feel like "a job" when it's not my job. More plans are afoot . . .

- Slimming down. I'm ashamed to say that I've made no (cumulative) progress. I got back on the treadmill a bit, dropped some pounds, then added them back on. I'm still at 328 pounds.

- Slimming down our home. Nothing done here.

- Sorting comics. Outside of pulling out some collected editions of Geoff Johns' Justice Society of America to read, I've done nothing with my comics.

- Continue consuming and promoting media outside of my comfort zone. I've read more pulp and other assorted fiction in January than I did in any one month last year. I've listened to more non-horror podcasts. It's been good.

- Cut back on mindless media consumption. I no longer feel the need to finish a movie just because I started it (even if my original intention was to finish it for a podcast review), and I've been able to start removing books from my Kindle if they aren't grabbing me within the first few pages. I don't watch a lot of "crap TV" these days, and I'd like to continue this trend.

- Consolidate/organize my media. Nothing done here.

- Finances. We are about to get hit with some expenses that we weren't planning on, so things are looking tight.

- Getting involved in the local "geek" or "genre" scene. I've been working with Dorado Films and we've made some decisions/inquiries about being involved in an upcoming Portland-based pop culture convention.

- Podcasting. Plans are afoot.

So that's, what, four-and-a-half or so non-failures out of thirteen goals? While that's less than a 50% success rate, I'm refusing to get too down about it. I've got 11 more months to turn all of these into successes!

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Unknown said...

In an as yet undetermined amount of time, you'll be dead. So enjoy every minute you can, and every minute spent worrying is a minute wasted.