Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why fantasy is bad for me

Once I discovered fantasy fiction back in grade school, I was immediately hooked.  Lloyd Alexander grabbed me, and I must have read his Chronicles of Prydain dozens of times, often times picking up the first book (The Book of Three) again as soon as I finished the last book (The High King).  A friend of mine and I would see who could read them the fastest.  I loved those books.

In junior high, I stumbled across David Eddings, and a similar thing happened.  The Belgariad became a series that carried me through many math classes that I didn't care about.  And in high school?  A Creative Writing teacher who finally introduced me to Robert E. Howard proper?  (He also introduced me and a few friends to Dungeons & Dragons.  He swore us to secrecy about meeting at his house over the weekend to game as he didn't want it getting out at school that he was teaching D&D to his students.  I think the statute of limitations on that has passed on that . . . )

I've been a fan for years.  (During all this time, I was reading other genres, of course.)

So when I started feeling the draw toward writing, I wanted to write fantasy.

Thing is, I've never had any real success at it.  Not only in the sales department, but in the actually-being-happy-with-what-I-wrote department.  I liked my set-ups, and some of my characters, but things never quite gelled.

It took me a long time, but I finally shelved that urge.  I write . . . just not fantasy right now.  And I'm good with that.  I'm enjoying what I'm writing now.  And I still read Howard, but haven't read a lot of fantasy seriously (outside of Martin) since.

Then Bren came home from work last night with a copy of LEGO Lord of the Rings.  We like the Lego videogames - they're puzzle-based, they're co-op, they're fun - so I'm not complaining about that.  It was a BLAST playing a game with my wife last night.

But those sword-on-sword sound effects ring out, that Howard Shore Lord of the Rings music plays, and my brain starts to itch again.  And then I start thinking about writing fantasy.

Sigh.  Curse you, LEGO . . . CURSE YOU!  Don't you know I have a super Zecret project in the works?  A collection of short stories I need to edit?  Why?  WHY?

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