Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Thursday Thirteen: Missing October Already


The Thursday Thirteen is a recurring feature here at Plan D in which I post a list of 13 items/movies/books/etc. of any given category. October is over, which means, with the occasional clearance sale, Halloween is already a distant memory in the collective mind of the masses. And I already miss it . . . especially for the following thirteen reasons.

- Halloween-themed reality televisionFace Off (although I think of this as more a long-form game show).  Making Monsters.  Hell, even Halloween Wars.  My favorite holiday has been getting some representation in TV's most popular (for better or worse) genre for several years now, and I dig it.  I love being able to flip through TLC, Food Network, the channel formerly known as The Sci-Fi Channel, etc., and see series or specials devoted to all things Halloween.  Makes me happy.  Deal.

- Non-horror-specific podcasts going all-horror-all-month.  I don't just listen to horror-related podcasts, and it's nice to hear them all get into the spirit of things during the month of October.

- Horror movies all over the place.  When was the last time I walked into a Walmart or Target and saw horror movies in the check-out lane?  Last October.  Sure, I probably either already had them or didn't want them, but it's still nice to look over when I'm paying for groceries and can see Pinhead or Elvira looking back at me.

- Horror "stuff" all over the place.  Even places like Powell's City of Books put up a bit more than normal in terms of mood-setting in their Horror aisle.

- Wearing my horror- or monster-themed t-shirts.  Granted, I wear them all year 'round, but I feel like I can puff out my chest a bit more.

- The weather.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, and it rains a lot, but the temperature, the nip in the air, the moisture . . . October weather makes me REALLY happen, even if it gets a little wet.

- No one looks twice at my monster-/horror-movie artwork/memorabilia at work.

- People in my life that don't normally talk horror movies with me not humoring me when it comes up in conversation.

- Not feeling bad about blowing my weight-loss goals over eating bowls of Franken Berry or Count Chocula.

- Season/Halloween-specific food and drink items.  I'm sure if I look hard enough, I can find things like Celestial Seasonings' Sweet Harvest Pumpkin tea elsewhere, but even before Halloween, it disappeared from the shelves of the local New Seasons Market.

- Halloween-specific businesses.  I didn't go to any haunted houses this year (next year I'll plan better!), and, unfortunately, Brenda and I didn't make it out to any corn mazes, but I fantasize about these being available to me anytime I want to hop in the car and go to one.  And while most of the Spirit Halloween stores are usually a nightmare (and not in a good way) to visit, knowing that there's one over by one of the bookstores I probably spend too much time/money at was a bit comforting.

- Horror films in the theater.  I was able to see Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and Night of the Living Dead theatrically this past October, and if I rearranged my calendar, I could have seen the original Halloween and Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn.  A drive to Seattle would have put me in front of Phantasm.  How often do opportunities like this come up?  Other than in October, that is . . .

-Having a ready excuse to put off anything and everything because, hey, "It's Halloween."

(And, as a bonus, the best thing about the first few days/first week after Halloween?   The sales.  This weekend, we're so making the rounds at various stores in the neighborhood.  Halloween costume supplies?  Halloween make-up?  Even Halloween-themed fabric at the fabric store?  Good thing I get paid on Friday . . . )

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