Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Words Up, Weight Down - 9/12/12

The weekends kill me. Catching up on rest, chores, and errands keep me from sticking to my exercise and writing routines, and I feel like I did a terrible job this past weekend in terms of taking care of myself. (Although I did have a good weekend otherwise with the Rose City Comic-Con, spending an outdoor movie night with some friends, and getting ready for my visiting sister-in-law.)

That all said, I didn't lose much weight since last week. I'm only down one pound. I don't know if this is a matter of plateau-ing or I just let myself slide a bit either on the morning walks (I did cut a couple short since I was running short on time) or food intake (sometimes my dinner meals are harder to track calorie-wise when we eat out or order in).

As for the writing, I finally licked a Kindle formatting problem I was having, so I'm able to move forward on a non-fiction project that's been hanging out in the wings for WAAAAAY too long.  And when I get tired of working on THAT project, I have a Marc Temple short story in the works as well.  Bouncing back and forth between these two vastly different projects has helped keep me from getting bored with either (although, it's kind of hard for me to get bored when Marc Temple's around!).

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