Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On politics and religion . . .

Those of you who know me can probably guess where my politics fall. And those of you who REALLY know me know my thoughts on religion.  But you'd have to know me, and I mean KNOW me outside of Facebook, Twitter, podcasting, Plan D, etc.  You probably need to spend some actual real life face time with me to know exactly what I think about where we are in this country.

But I'm not going to post that on my Facebook page.

Look, I get it.  You support a candidate.  Or, more specifically, you don't support a particular candidate.  You post links to various websites and news article that lambast "the media."  You found a meme, a candidate-as-Hitler graphic, or some statistic backing your own stance on gun control.  And I'm a little guilty.  I posted a few things right after the Aurora shooting, left a post in a long diatribe of a conversation about the 2nd Amendment, and immediately regretted it.

The thing is - and this is something I learned a long time ago - once you leave something on the internet, it's going to take an act of God to . . . well, there I go getting ready to make a comment about religion.

And that's not my "job."  I'm a writer and a media creator.  I want my online presence to be reflective of that, free of any political or religious bias.  I figure if you're going to read "Granny and the Hole," it's not because of what I said about who's running for president.  But if I do post something that is contrary to who YOU'RE backing for president - and maybe I'm being naïve here - I wouldn't be surprised if that would be something that might put you off from what I have to say in my stories or podcasts.  I might be in the 99%, the 47%, or the 87%, but that shouldn't impact the quality of my work, so why make that such an important part of my online presence?

I've not read one thing left on any social media website that's changed my mind about "the issues."  But I have read PLENTY that's given me a stronger and clearer picture about the person posting these things online.  Sure, once I have a loud enough "voice" and large enough audience, something I say online might influence somebody politically or societally, but, really, I don't know if I really even want that influence.  And I'm shocked that some folks seem to think that they are able to change somebody's mind by posting their own beliefs wrapped up in insults or attacks against someone else's.

I give my opinion loud and clear about zombie movies on Mail Order Zombie, and rate them accordingly.  And sometimes my opinions differ from my real life friends, as well as my listeners and my Facebook and Twitter connections.  But, really, in the grand scheme of things, something like giving Shaun of the Dead a 4-Headshot rating and Zombieland a 5-Headshot rating isn't something that's going to negatively follow me around as I build a career as a writer (outside of some gentle ribbing).

So, no, I'm not going to post which way I'm voting, what I really think about politics, or how I really feel about (any) church.  As someone who's working on creating a career that's dependent on other folks supporting me, I'd like people to know me for my work as opposed to knowing me for my politics.

This isn't directed at any one person.  I'm looking forward to when the election is over, but even then, there will be links to Fox News for this or the clip from the Daily Show for that or whatever.  I can handle that.  Just don't expect me to get into it myself.  I've got stories to write, a brand to build, and a handful of zombie movies to review.


Tony Laplume said...

I find it a tad amusing at certain people I follow basically devoting their every waking Facebook moment to their political opinions. I mean, really? You don't have anything else to say?

Unknown said...

I know I am "guilty" but I have NEVER felt so strongly about the direction of our nation. I can't let it go. But I also can't wait for November when it will wrap up for a while.

Darryl Pierce said...

Well said. And thanks, Derek, for remind some of us who probably post a little TOO much about politics that social networking's more than just a soap box. :)

Joe Barlow said...

I was with you until you rated Zombieland higher than Shaun of the Dead. :)

Unknown said...

Your fans will always be fans, no matter what. Politics is just a dog and pony show.