Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reflecting on Jaws

I don't watch Jaws enough these days, really, and I still haven't sat down for a viewing of the new Blu-ray (I did scan through it a bit and checked out the documentary The Shark is Still Working, though).  But I think I watched it enough growing up to make up for my recent lack of Jaws-watching.

The first Jaws film I saw was Jaws 3D as part of a "double feature" with Octopussy.  (It wasn't really a double feature.  My friend's father took me and him to the movies, and paid for one ticket a piece for all three of us for Jaws 3D.  At the intermission, he snuck us over to watch Octopussy, then when that movie was over, he snuck us all back to the second half of a later showing of Jaws 3D.  I was extremely disappointed that I didn't get to keep my 3D glasses from Jaws 3D - my friend's dad kept them since he paid for the movie ticket.  Jerk.)

I honestly don't remember when I first saw Jaws, but I know when I became obsessed with it.  It was high school for me, so we're looking back at early-90s.  I'd been aware of the film, of course, and I'd seen it before, but when I first started renting it at the local video store, I watched that movie religiously.  I analyzed it.  I practically took notes.  I had friends over specifically for a Jaws-viewing-party.  The film's score is one of the first I bought on CD for myself, but that wasn't until after my friend Jerad bought it on cassette.

We were at the local mall (Cheyenne, WY, only had one), he popped the Jaws soundtrack tape in my car's radio, and we slowly cruised the mall parking lot.  The John Williams music blared from my car's meager speakers as we (and, yeah, this was probably not the nicest thing to do) slowly followed random people in the parking lot.  For some reason, this act stuck with me.  So much so that when I would pick my little brother Kevin up from school, I'd let him pick someone at random walking along the sidewalk, and we'd follow him, the car windows rolled down and the Jaws theme blasting as loud as we could make it go.

And since I thought I wanted to be a filmmaker when I grew up, I wrote a screenplay for a parody movie called Shocks.  In it, a killer car was loose in the mall parking lot during Cheyenne's Frontier Days, and mall security guard Cody was going to team up with bounty hunter Flint and someone named Cooper to stop it.

Fortunately, that movie never got made.

But I did revisit the idea a few years later while taking Video Production classes at Laramie County Community College when I turned it into a project for the assignment of creating a "Non-Verbal/Emotional" video.

Jaws' music, its visuals, its characters, its pacing - I found it inspiring and I'm VERY happy with the Blu-ray release even though I've not sat down to watch the movie in full.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Thursday Thirteen: Where I've Been


The Thursday Thirteen is a recurring feature here at Plan D in which I post a list of 13 items/movies/books/etc. of any given category.  This time, I'm attempting to explain why there haven't been any new updates here at Plan D for the past three weeks.

I may or may not be a liar.

- I've been spending my energy fighting the temptation to relapse and fall out of the writing-and-walking routine I've been sticking to the past couple of weeks.

- Watching a zombie movie for Mail Order Zombie that I ended up not liking very much battered my will to live . . . almost.

- I ran out of peanut butter.

- Two words: Godzilla movies.

- I've had to miss a few hours of work here and there for various reasons, and even something like that totally threw off my schedule.

- I'm restructuring the Word Count Wednesday feature into something to address the other 'W' in my life that needs some work - weight loss.

- I'm gearing up for a new super secret podcast project.

- I'm catching up on existing not-so-secret podcast projects.

- We're still recovering from taking all four cats to the vet at the same time for all their vaccinations.

- It's taken me this long to break out of the vicious loop caused by an accident with a time machine, a Segway and three quarts of mayonnaise.  Sure, it may only seem like a couple weeks to you, but for me, it was a 17-year-long Hellmann nightmare.

- I've spent most of my fingers-on-keyboard time at home writing fiction instead of blog posts.

- Competing in the Olympics has taken up most of my off hours.

- I've been posting the entire time, but your web browser thought it was "too good" for Plan D and refused to show the latest updates.