Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Word Count Wednesday - 6/6/12

A lot of my writing time since last week was funnelled into prepping for the Kindle release of "Granny and the Hole."

Marc Temple Flash Fiction story: 952 / ~ 1,000
Sword-and-sorcery story: ~ 4,000 / ~ 7,500
Non-fiction-ish project: 6,824 / ?

I'm going to be taking stock again at the end of this week as the sword-and-sorcery piece is something that I'd really LIKE to finish, but it has been gathering cyber-dust for a while on my laptop, and as much as I hate to do it (in terms of pushing back the story's completion), I may need to start over (which, honestly, I'm okay with as I REALLY like the beginning of the story, so I don't mind giving it a quick once over).

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Joe Barlow said...

Some solid numbers! Keep it up...