Thursday, May 24, 2012

Word Count Wednesday - 5/23/12

I'm going to take a filmmaker-type approach to my various writing projects moving forward, and for my Word Count Wednesdays, I won't talk too much about the writing that's in either pre- (research, outlining, planning, etc.) or post-production (formatting, editing, looks for markets, etc.). Rather, this weekly check-in will ONLY be for my writing currently in production. And instead of listing EVERY piece of writing in various stages of production, I want to focus only on what I'm working on RIGHT NOW. (I'm making a sort of rule for myself here - if I talk about the project here at Plan D, I don't get to stop talking about it on Word Count Wednesday until the piece is finished.)

Marc Temple Flash Fiction story:  463 / ~ 1,000
Sword-and-sorcery story: ~ 4,000 / ~ 7,500
Non-fiction-ish project: 6,824 / ?

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