Thursday, March 15, 2012

A preview of things to come some day . . .

This past Monday, I was accidentally off from work. I say "accidentally" because I lost track of what I was doing schedule-wise (Brenda originally had an infusion treatment scheduled that day, and I managed to forget to remove my Day Off request at work when it was bumped up two weeks). I didn't like "wasting" the time off, but I didn't argue (too much) when I was told to go home.

After a quick stop at the grocery store and just barely half an hour of Skyrim, I spent the rest of the day doing what I've long dreamt I would be able to do all day. I wrote.

And it was good.

Most of my writing as of late has been on my laptop wherever I happened to be at the time. And that works. But there was something REALLY nice about sitting behind my desktop computer, listening to music sans headphones or earbuds, stealing occasional glances out the window of the dining room-turned-work space, and basically living the dream for the day. It reminded me of one of the reasons I'm pursuing writing the way that I am, and it's something I'm going to remember when I'm tempted to give more than half-an-hour or so to something like Skyrim.

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