Friday, March 23, 2012

My Excited Wife

Brenda has spent the past day or so humming and singing along to the soundtrack from The Hunger Games. We haven't seen the movie yet (we'll be doing that this weekend), and we're both excited for it. Especially Bren. *

It's kind of cute, actually.

Brenda likes good movies; don't get me wrong. But there's a reason why I have too many DVDs to fit in the 12-plus DVD folders I have crammed onto the bookshelf next to the one folder Bren has set aside for "her" movies. Where I typically weigh my movie watching and book reading at around 60/40, she's much more of a reader than I am. She's burned through more books on her Kindle than I have, and not just because she's been a Kindle user longer than me.

And she's read The Hunger Games. More than once. (She's making up for me since I've not made time to read the books myself . . . )

Normally I'm the one that gets giddy over going to the movies, but my wife has been absolutely adorable this week over the idea of going to Cinetopia this weekend to see the film.

(* I'm sure I'll pick up the film's score as well . . . once it's released. Why didn't it get released the same time as the soundtrack?)

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