Monday, January 30, 2012

Podcast - 1951 Down Place: Episode #005 - Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter

This is the only podcast alive feared by the walking dead. This is 1951 Down Place. This month, the Down Placers spend some quality vampire-hunting time with Hammer’s good captain when they discuss Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (dir. Brian Clemens). It’s a film that lives in the middle of both Casey’s and Derek’s Top Five lists. Will it find a home in Scott’s Top Five list as well? You’ll have to listen to find out. You’ll also have to listen to find out why Casey and Derek are now a little scared of Scott.

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quatermass said...

Just reviewed this movie a few days ago on my blog!!! One of the best ever!!

Derek M. Koch said...

It really is one of Hammer's best - it's Number Three in my list of Top Five Hammer films . . . Solid stuff!