Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Thursday Thirteen: Non-Horror Movies

The Thursday Thirteen is a recurring feature here at Plan D in which I post a list of 13 items/movies/books/etc. of any given category. The category this time around? I'm known as a "horror-and-zombie guy" in the podosphere/blogosphere, so I thought it would be interesting to post My Top 13 Non-Horror Movies (in no particular order).

Raiders of the Lost Ark (dir. Steven Spielberg)

Matinee (dir. Joe Dante)

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (dir. W. D. Richter)

The Thin Man (dir. W. S. Van Dyke)

Double Indemnity (dir. Billy Wilder)

Winchester '73 (dir. Anthony Mann)

North by Northwest (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)

Back to the Future (dir. Robert Zemeckis)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (dir. Steven Spielberg)

Big Trouble in Little China (dir. John Carpenter)

Conan the Barbarian (1982) (dir. John Milius)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (dir. Nicholas Meyer)

The Whole Wide World (dir. Dan Ireland)

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Scott said...

Fun topic - I want to play along . . .

My top 13 in no particular order

1957: The Bridge on the River Kwai - Director David Lean
1964: Mary Poppins - Director Robert Stevenson
1967: The Dirty Dozen - Director Robert Aldrich
1972: The Sting - Director George Roy Hill
1979: The Muppet Movie - Director James Frawley
1980: The Blues Brothers - Director John Landis
1980: The Final Countdown - Director Don Taylor
1985: Back to the Future - Director Robert Zemeckis
1987: The Princess Bride - Director Rob Reiner
1988: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Director Robert Zemeckis
1989: Licence to Kill - Director John Glen
1992: Brain Donors - Director Dennis Dugan
2007: The Incredibles - Director Brad Bird

Ok, maybe there is an order there after all.

For me, this list is in flux - if I put this together tomorrow, it could be different.

Scott (aka Need a Nickname Scott)

Derek M. Koch said...

I'm in the same boat - ask me to do this next week/next weekend/tomorrow, and my list will certainly change!

(Brain Donors, huh? I don't think I've ever even heard of this one . . . worth tracking down?)

Scott said...

Tracey and I really enjoy Brain Donors. It's a modern re-telling of the Marx Brother's Night at the Opera.

The screenplay was done by Pat Proft and produced by the Zucker brothers - the men behind the Airplane! films, but it's not that type of film.

We stumbled upon it one night in a video store when the movie we went to get wasn't available.

John Turturro (in one of his early roles) is very funny in the lead role and has some of the best lines in the show. One we quote to this day: Dear Lillian, soon I hope to take you on a Carribbean cruise, where we can hold hands on a soft summer's evening and watch that old Jamaican moon. Why that old Jamaican will be mooning us, I have no idea.

Who really steals the show is Bob Nelson as Jacques - very physical comedy and pulls it off well.

It's an off beat comedy and is a very guilty pleasure to us - now I want to watch it again.