Monday, April 25, 2011

New short story published

Earlier this month saw the release of Leather, Denim & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter from Pill Hill Press, and I'm excited and proud to say that my short story "Two-For-One Chinese Special" appears in this excellent collection of monster-hunter short stories!

From the listing:
A twig snaps in the mist behind you, and you turn to see lantern eyes hanging over slavering jaws . . . Most would panic, run, and within moments, die. But not the Monster Hunter. Reflexes like coiled springs unleash with fury into the beast, and the never-ending struggle between hunter and nightmare begins with blood . . . Behold Leather, Denim & Silver, a collection of monster hunting tales ranging from the frozen halls of a Russian orphanage to the steamy jungles of the Congo. Hunt the foggy streets of London, moonlit New Orleans, and prowl the Old West as hunters square off against bloodthirsty werewolves, vampires, demonic spirits, and devils escaped from legend. Creatures will die. Hunters will die. But no one will go without a fight . . .

I had a lot of fun writing "Two-For-One Chinese Special." I had an opportunity to revisit Marc Temple, a character who appeared in my story "The Law," which was published in last year's Dark: A Horror Anthology; I also had a chance to get away from zombies for a handful of words. (Not that there's anything wrong with zombies! Another story I sold earlier this year features them front-and-center!)

Leather, Denim & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter is available (probably by special order) through your local bookstore, or you can order the book from It's also available for the Kindle and as a NOOKbook. The anthology is also available directly from the publisher. You can take a look at the book's Table of Contents here and here.

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Awesome! Congrats D!