Friday, August 13, 2010

New digs

It may not look like much right now, and I'll be tinkering with the layout and adding a few more bits and pieces to this site over the next few weeks, but it is a Friday the 13th, which was the target date I set for myself to get Plan D up-and-running, so here it is . . . !

I will be letting all my old blogs limp into whatever dark and cold corner of internet where abandoned websites go to die, and while I did struggle for a little while with the idea of porting over some older posts to Plan D, I ultimately decided that I want a fresh start. (I'm not deleting those old posts, but I suspect my ownership of the will expire soon.)

As mentioned briefly in the About Derek M. Koch and Plan D entry, I'll be using this blog to write about everything from my writing process and (hopeful!) successes to my thoughts on horror fandom and media, from random thoughts about movies, books and other media to . . . well . . . whatever I can come up with!

What I will not blog about here is zombie movies. I've got Mail Order Zombie for that. (That said, I reserve the right to talk about podcasting and my podcast appearances here!)

Oh, and one more thing - the feed for this site is . . .